Recirculating Pumps

Taco’s Recirculating Pumps provide a unique solution to conventional issues surrounding the supply of domestic hot water. Typically, users had to run their faucets for a while before they were supplied with adequate hot water, wasting water as well as energy. Thanks to the options provided by Taco products, users can choose which unit best compliments their system. These quiet, effective, reliable and unique Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Pumps are some of the most popular hydronic recirculating pumps out on the HVAC market.

Taco Recirculating Pumps

Taco’s Cartridge D’Mand Circulator Pump are specially designed to operate 24 hours a day to provide on demand hot water, all while saving energy and water. This compact and silent pump is attached to hot and cold water lines in your kitchen or bath fixtures, are recirculates cool water back to the water heater while providing you with soothing hot water from your water heater. The D’Mand Pump comes with a plumbing kit which includes a hard wire push button, 2 copper T’s, and 2 flex hoses to simplify your installation. Taco’s Cartridge Plumb N’ Plug Circulator Pump is a cartridge style, maintenance free, self-lubricating, circulator pump. These pumps are specially designed to conserve water while maintaining a comfortable environment. By regularly re-circulating your hot water through the system, this unit cuts down the time it takes for the water to arrive at its outlet. Recommended components include: isolation valve, pipe insulation and flow check. This pump is available in several configurations: with/without digital timer, with/without analog timer, bronze/stainless steel construction, horsepower (1/40 to 1/35), and varying connection types (sweat, flanged, NPT, union).

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